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Lilly had two malignant tumors removed. She's going to be just fine because they were caught early. Make sure to check your pet for lumps and bumps. If you find anything unusual, bring them in for a check-up. We want to make sure they stay happy and healthy.​

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Canine Annual Vaccinations:

Rabies Vaccination

Da2PLP Vaccination

Heartworm Test

Intestinal Worm Check

Semi-annual Vaccination:

Bordatella Vaccination

Total for Annual Check-up and Vaccinations is $150.00

​Please remember to keep your pet up to date on annual vaccinations, current on monthly heartworm and flea prevention, and spayed or neutered.

Feline Annual Vaccinations:

Rabies Vaccination

FVRCP Vaccination

Leukemia Vaccination

Bordatella Vaccination

Profender (Dewormer)

Total for Annual Check-up and Vaccinations: $128.50

For more information on pet health, visit our blog page. You'll find news and helpful information to keep your pet healthy and happy. Learn more...

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