Our groomers can style your pet with the latest pet-safe colors like our famous friend, Tiger Jake. This process is safe and pets love all the attention and grooming they get during the process. 

Biggs in Grooming


Soft Claws help keep your pets from damaging furniture and scratching your skin. Call us for an appointment. They are easy and inexpensive to apply.

Molly in Grooming


With over 12 years of experience with all breeds of pets, Angie and her groomers have built a high level of trust with their furry friends and pet parents. They make sure your pets will look their best and are well-cared for during their "me day" in grooming.

As passionate pet parents themselves, they know - it's all about your best furry friend.

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​​​Angie and Stevie will transform your pet into a pillar of style and irresistible cuteness! Each pet is treated like they were our own - with lots of love and care. 

All baths include nail trim, potty trail tidy, and ears cleaned. We also offer medicated baths, soft claws, full grooming, and shave-down services.

For pricing and to schedule an appointment, please call (205) 967-7383.

Cute Dog in Grooming
Stevie Long Groomer


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