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Angie, Tiger Jake, and Rick Karle

Jake The Tiger Dog​​

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Our Do Dah Day Winning Float - Boston's at the Beach

How do you know if a dog wants to be petted? Why do dogs bite? What should I do if a stray dog approaches me? Join us for our Kids' Clinic and your child will learn the answers to all of these questions! In three one-hour sessions, your children will learn about bite prevention techniques, dog body language, and more. Learning will be interactive and hands-on as children role-play how to handle difficult situations with pets. We will go over proper interactions with animals, plus there will be a visit from a very special service dog who is excited to share his talents with the kids! Grades K-5.

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Altadena Valley Animal Clinic

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Cost: $50 for three sessions -- Jan 17, 24, and 31 from 6:00-7:00 pm at Altadena Valley Animal Clinic. 
Email: for more information!

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Jan. 17 – Body Language – Friendly or Not Friendly?

Plus, “What do I do if a stray dog comes up to me?”

Play body language card game.

Jan. 24 – The Bite Zone– “Why do dogs bite?”

Learn how, when, and where to pet a dog… and when not to! Featuring hands-on practice with Bill the Boston terrier!

Jan. 31 – Resources – What is resource guarding, and how should we respond?

Are there things we shouldn’t do AROUND dogs? Plus, meet Kaz the service dog!



Girl with Dog in training

Ever wonder which pet brush is the right one for your dog or cat? Angie gives a good overview of several different brushes and their uses in the short video.

Kids' Clinic: Learn to Speak "Dog"